March 21, 2018
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Livingstone in Ecuador
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Click to enlarge the pic Mountaineer Livingstone - first pig on Pasochoa
Country Ecuador
City or Region Mount Pasochoa
Travelling with Carsten
Travel date 01 May 2002
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Who said that labour day is about working? Well, we did! We went with our host family to Mount Pasochoa, a volcan about 45 minutes out of Quito by car.

The mountain is a natural reserve. That is why they charge you to get onto the trail. The charge is 2 US$ for locals compared to a "Gringo rate" of 7 US$. That is something you have to get used to in Ecuador. Foreigners always pay more - whether itīs entry fees or even airfare. Well, clever piggy only paid 2 US$. I knew I look like a local animal! And it might have been my perfect teint as well.

The base camp is at some 2,700 meters. From there you have a choice of trails. The longest is about 6 hours for the climb to the peak at 4,200 meters and includes the time for the descent.

Of course I demanded to go for the long one to get some altitude training for the upcoming trails in Peru and Bolivia. Luckily Carsten carried me in his backpack because the trail was so steep and slippery. And it rained quite a lot so I almost got a little wet ...

We did not go all the way to the top but stopped after 3 hours and at about 4,000 meters. Carsten really had problems with the height. He almost hurled! Yeehaah! No problems for me. I guess I was the first pig up there.

Toodaloo, Livingstone.

Added : 02 May 2002, 19:07:45 (UK time)
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