January 20, 2018
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Livingstone in Ecuador
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Click to enlarge the pic Indemnic pig Livingstone with common Marine Iguana
Country Ecuador
City or Region Galapagos Islands
Travelling with Carsten
Travel date 07 May 2002
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Galapagos Islands - animal paradise! 2 hours by plane off the mainland coast you fly into the islands main airport on Baltra. This must be TAME´s (Ecuadorian Airlines) most profitable route since the flight from Quito was packed with Gringos who all paid the astronomous low season rate of 333 US$ to get to the island. Next up is the 100 US$ entrance fee which you have to pay to the National Park Service. And if you want to go on a boat tour you have to add around another 500-600 US$ for a good quality boat. Most important for me: Travelpigs are free!

I urged Carsten to take an 8 day tour because I really wanted to meet up with a whole bunch of other species. Our boat was the Amigo I. which offered great food, a bilingual level 3 guide (degree in biology), warm water and sometimes also an air conditioning (broke down quite often). The cabins are small so do not expect a Loveboat-like cruise. Especially since the captain looks nowhere like Captain Stubing! Eeeeyak.

Anyway, once you get used to the conditions on the boat it is great fun. Our group is cool and I am of course the main attraction. Who wants to see rare animals when they share a boat with an indemnic British travelpig?

Added : 17 May 2002, 23:58:47 (UK time)
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